Squeeze out


Further to the earlier statement, Fortuna Entertainment Group N.V. ("Fortuna“)希望提供与荷兰委托办公室关于在Fortuna的前股东之间分配收益的最新讨论,作为Fortbet Holdings Limited发起的挤出程序的最后一步(”Fortbet").

Dutch law provisions on squeeze out proceedings

根据荷兰法律,拥有公司已发行资本95%或以上的股东可以提起法律诉讼,要求所有其他股东将其股份转让给他. On 20 June 2018, Fortbet initiated such squeeze out proceedings. 2018年10月30日,企业商会批准了Fortbet的请求,将价格定为7欧元.83 per share plus Dutch statutory interest as per 9 March 2018 (which will come down to EUR 7.94 per share as at 16 November 2018).

On 19 November 2018, Fortbet在荷兰财政部的委托账户上支付了与Fortuna股份剩余数量相对应的金额. As a result, 其余股份通过荷兰法律转让给Fortbet, Forbet成为Fortuna的唯一股东. As of payment into the consignation, 前股东可以向荷兰委托办公室提出支付其股份价格的请求(i.e. EUR 7.94 per previously held share).

Following the payment into the consignation, Fortbet和Fortuna对前股东均无任何进一步的义务(前股东可随时按照自己的意愿向荷兰委托办事处申请其收益). However, Fortuna tries to ease the process for them by providing the below information.

Procedure for payment from consignation office to former minority shareholders

To receive the squeeze out price corresponding to their former shares, each former shareholder has to file a request for payment to the Dutch consignation office, including various documents (e.g. proof of former ownership, proof of identity, etc.).

对荷兰托运办公室和个别前股东来说,这一程序可能既耗时又昂贵. For this reason, Fortuna与荷兰托运办公室和布拉格中央证券存管局保持联系(“CDCP") to see if a more efficient distribution of proceeds would be possible, i.e. 全部金额可以通过CDCP支付给所有参与者,从而无需参与者和/或前股东采取进一步行动.

However, 尽管所有各方都尽了最大努力确保最有效地分配收益,并就此进行了长时间的讨论, the envisaged structure unfortunately seemed to be incompatible with the Dutch law. Hence, 前股东将必须单独向荷兰托运办公室提交付款申请.

Standard procedure for payment from consignation office

To simplify the procedure for the former shareholders to file such a request for payment, 福尔图纳与荷兰托运办公室一起准备了一份标准的申请表格,以及一份必须向托运办公室提交付款的文件清单.

The standard form to request payment ("Claim Submission Form") and associated checklist can be downloaded:  

Here for natural persons: 

Here for legal entities: 


  • Claim Submission Form: 3 pages;
  • Scanned copy of a valid Photo ID; and
  • cdc或参与者出具的业主账户声明,声明日期为2018年11月19日, stating (at least) the number of shares and Client ID-number.

Is the requesting party a legal entity? Then also attach:

  • An extract of the Chamber of Commerce of the legal entity for which the proceeds are requested; and
  • 一份经正式公证的商业登记簿摘录或其他登记证明/董事会决议的副本,以取得法律代表.

The request form and documents can be scanned and send to the Dutch Consignation office:

  • Via e-mail in PDF to: Consignatiekas@minfin.nl
  • Or in hard copy to: Dutch Ministry of Finance, Attn. The Consignation Office, PO box 20201, 2500 EE The Hague, The Netherlands

请注意,委托程序是由荷兰法律规定的,因此不属于福尔图纳的控制或责任范围. The above information (incl. 常见问题)是由福尔图纳在本新闻稿发布之日尽最大努力获得的,不应进行解释, perceived or relied upon as a legal advice or legal opinion. 每一位前股东应寻求独立的法律咨询意见,或在必要时核实信息.

此外,请注意,Fortuna与托运办公室没有任何直接联系, neither can Fortuna speed up the process of individual applications. Therefore, Fortuna的雇员和代表不能向前股东提供比本声明中已经提供的更多的信息. Also, CDCP已不再参与这一过程,不能向前股东提供任何进一步的信息.


Q: Does the payment out of the consignation bear interest?

A: Pursuant to the Consignation of Monies Act, the interest will only accrue for claim that amount to EUR 45.38 or more.

Q: Does the Dutch consignation office reimburse former shareholders for transaction fees, e.g. banking fees?

A. Under Dutch law the consignation office has no obligation to reimburse any transaction fees.

Q. Is there a deadline for former shareholders to file their request for payment?

A. Former shareholders have until 18 November 2038 to file their request. After that, the total remaining balance will accrue to the Dutch State by operation of law.

Q. Is it possible for the consignation office to pay the price in other currency than EUR?

A.  Payment in other currency than EUR is possible, however, 这将需要更多的时间和额外的成本(也见下面Q&A). 欧元金额由荷兰ING银行按照转账当日荷兰ING银行确定的适用汇率转换.

Q. 寄售办事处是否有可能将款项支付到以欧元计价的银行账户以外的其他账户(例如CZK和PLN账户)?

A.  然而,寄售办事处可以将所得款项支付到CZK和PLN计价的银行帐户, this will take more time and will come with an additional costs. 根据欧洲银行法规PSD2,银行成本的强制性选择是SEPA支付的分摊成本(SHA)(这意味着代表受益人的银行成本取决于其银行机构对CZK/PLN银行转账所确定的关税).

Q. Once I send the application and the other documents to the consignation office, when can I expect the payment?

A.  由于前股东人数众多,所有请求的过程将需要时间,支付预计需要几个月.

Q. My father was a shareholder of Fortuna and he died recently. I have inherited the right to receive the proceeds. How can I claim the money and what document the consignation office needs?

A.  In addition to the documents set out above, the inheriting person should include proof that he or she inherited the former shares (e.g. a will or a certificate of inheritance). If such document is not in Dutch or English, 为了加快过程,建议附上一份翻译成上述语言之一的译文.

Q. Does the consignation office accept documents in other languages than Dutch or English?

A.  委托办原则上接受荷兰语和英语以外的其他语言的文件. 如有不清楚之处,寄售办事处保留索取额外资料的权利. 

Q. When the application is filled out incorrectly (with mistakes or errors), will the office let me know and ask me to correct this?

A. 托运办公室将拒绝你的要求,并要求你提供额外的资料,以批准你的要求. This correspondence will only take place via e-mail in the English/Dutch language. Please note that this will negatively affect the pay-out time. 

Amsterdam, 16 April 2019