Seimo Yamaguchi began his musical journey playing guitar in high school. After graduation he found work as a DJ in the club scene of Osaka.


His artistic drive eventually led him to New York City where he immersed himself in the bohemian music and art of the Lower East Side. Such cultural diversity helped him open his eyes to his own Japanese heritage, and with a renewed sense of purpose he returned to his home country to knock on the gates of traditional Japanese music.


Yamaguchi spent the next several years studying shakuhachi and shinobue with the esteemed grand master Seido Inoue. It was Seido Inoue-sensei who bestowed on Yamaguchi the ceremonial name of Seimo to signify the level Yamaguchi had attained.


Yamaguchi then set out on a solo career blending traditional Japanese music with modern Western influences.


While continuing to perform throughout Japan, Yamaguchi has also appeared at Art Rock 2011 in France, FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany 2011, a music festival in the African country of Djibouti, and the 2015 Nippon Connection film festival in Frankfurt. Yamaguchi toured France in 2014, followed up by 2015&2016 tour of Germany.